The time is nearly here, only a few more days before we open our doors and we can feel our excitement mounting day by day. We’ll be keeping you posted and share photos with you.

    The interior office space is now larger and has a classroom area. The bathroom was completely gutted and rebuilt with a nicely tiled shower. The exterior classroom is still over the water offering a gorgeous panoramic view of the ocean, a see-through roof to protect from the direct sun and rain and hammocks you can study in.

    The most challenging has been getting our brand new equipment shipped on time well, sort of on time! But hey, it will have taken only 1 extra month which is pretty darn good by Panama standards. We decided to buy our dive gear from SEAC, an Italian manufacturer established since 1971. Why this manufacturer? SEAC to this day still inspects each and every product which is verified and tested individually – a very rare thing to find these days – and for their growing international reputation for quality and excellence. Every team member is excited and looking forward to getting the gear assembled and try it out.

    We did our homework before deciding on the equipment, but we always enjoy reading your comments so, don’t be shy and share with us your personal experiences.