• Marine Science Courses

    Marine Science Courses

    Ocean Classrooms has created the Dive Shop Program of online marine science courses using innovative methods that make learning about the marine ecosystem fun, accessible and affordable. By breaking down the complex elements that make up the ocean ecosystem into various topics of interest you get to choose what and how much you learn. There are 9 topics to choose from such as Marine Ecology, Biology of the Ocean and An Evolving Ocean plus one on sea turtles.

    These innovative courses will help you better connect with the magic and beauty of the underwater world and give you the opportunity to become a knowledgeable, passionate ocean steward as well has having much more fun diving.

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    Marine Science Dive Experience

    When you take a course and dive with us you receive unique dive briefings and specially guided dives that are geared to the contents of that particular course. For example, if you chose Marine Ecology, the briefings will complement what you have learned and your dives will be guided in a special way that allows you to observe how various organisms interact and depend on each other. Fun and animated discussions after each dive help to heighten your dive experience.

    Dive with Scuba 6 Eco Diving, see more, learn more, have more fun.