• Beautiful Oceans

    Beautiful Oceans

    Beautiful Oceans is recognized worldwide as being exceptional, state-of-the art coral reef ecology science programs. We are always amazed at how many of our students return from their Discovery Dives excited to tell us it was as if a light switched on, that they now saw things in a completely new way and how eager they were for their next dive.

    The online portion is comprised of 30 topics containing compelling text, beautiful pictures, fascinating videos, over 100 interactive online quizzes, a final comprehensive knowledge review and online certificate of completion for print out.

    Upon arrival, you receive an 80-page full-color course manual, a luxury collector’s binder, 2 Creature Discovery Kits (2 letter-sized paper inserts and 2 plastic pocket dive slates). You get a classroom presentation before doing 2 Discovery Dives or Discovery Snorkel sessions with your instructor.

    There are two courses available. If you’re a dive professional, click here to learn how you can help your clients have a better dive experience.

    Beautiful Oceans Coral Reef Architecture & Organisms – Coral Reef Guardian course level

    This program familiarizes you with the six zones of a typical fringing coral reef and some of the organisms found in each zone. You discover a simple system to recognize specific coral reef zones and understand why some species are more abundant in certain zones. You study the most common behaviors exhibited by coral reef organisms. You will understand why scientific names of coral reef species are important, and discover an easy way to learn these names. You are also introduced to the process by which fringing reefs, barrier reefs and atolls are formed.

    Takes 1 day + personal online training. $160

    Beautiful Oceans Coral Reef Ecosystem & Food Web – Coral Reef Guardian course level

    This program is the ‘Who Eats Who’ of the coral reef and will help you understand what constitutes a coral reef ecosystem and how food webs result in the movement of energy from organism to organism. You learn about seagrass and mangrove ecosystems, which are associated with coral reefs. You’ll be introduced to some of the major groups of organisms that live on coral reefs such as phytoplankton, zooplankton, algae, plants, coral, fish, sponges, echinoderms, etc. You learn some of the basic interactions that occur between these groups, discover example species and learn some of their interesting behaviors. You learn how to use the Coral Reef Organism Behavior Tool to learn how the marine creatures you encounter get the energy they need to survive.

    Takes 1 day + personal online training. $160