Fun Divers Wanted!!

Why do we call you guys fun divers? Because we’ll have a whole lot of fun diving with you. Here at Scuba 6 Eco Diving you are going to get a different experience from the rest of Bocas Del Toro’s dive shops. We have everything you’re looking for. Brand new, easy to handle gear with the best of the best instructors and guides to give you an amazing experience and keep you safe. Your dives will be long and slow allowing you more time to better explore our reefs. Full comprehensive Eco Briefings give you knowledge of the marine life below and help you get a more in depth fun experience. Check out a recent review below!

December 2015 TripAdvisor | Vince V. – California, USA

“I really recommend Eco 6 Diving to divers. Most of the reviews I’ve read here are from people that are just getting certified, but what about those of us that are already certified and want to have fun dives? For experienced divers as myself I believe you will have a great time. You will be in a small group and do long dives. Both dives I did with Eco 6 were 70 minutes long each … The gear was all in excellent condition, everything seemed new. The BCDs are also new and in great shape. At Eco 6 they will cater to the very beginner with guided dives or let the experienced divers dive within their comfort level. Totally recommend and thank you for the dives!”

So what does a day with Scuba 6 Eco Diving look like?

Scuba 6 (six) official LogoRise and Shine

Prior to you arriving we will get all of your diver information in order to have your scuba equipment already set up for you and ready to go.

Breakfast First

We start morning dives around 8am Island time, so grab your coffee and breakfast, have a seat in one of our hammocks overlooking the ocean and we’ll get our Eco Briefing started shortly.

School’s cool

Our Eco Briefing kicks off with why and how the formation of the Isthmus of Panama is related to what you’ll see diving, the special marine life we have here, fun fish facts and strange behaviors of some cool stuff you’re likely to see !

Let’s Roll

Next we gear up, check out the equipment making sure it fits right and board the boat. Let’s do this!

Dive Siiiiiites

Our sites will depend on the day’s ocean conditions. We dive everything from a 55 foot catamaran sunk at 45 feet called “Mystic Wind,” a place we like to call “Coral Garden” or the incredibly beautiful Escudo de Veraguas marine protected area. In all, there are some 20 dive sites to explore and discover!

What are we looking for?

We see pretty much everything here, from schools of grunts, snapper and surgeon fishes, a graceful Caribbean manta ray, reef squid, flying gurnards, porcupine fish and our favorite, the drop dead gorgeous queen angelfish to name a few.

Dive numero dos

After the dive we chill out on the boat with filtered water, fresh fruit and homemade snack – all included with your dive! We’ll change tanks and get you ready for dive number 2!

All dived out?

Once we finish our second dive we head back to the dive shop to chat about the dives, compare some pictures over a beer or wine and close with our post dive de-briefing!

Come Back and do some more!

Scuba 6 Guest House

We do love getting divers specialized! Take our special S 6 Advanced Diver course or any number of our specialties to tool you for future dives. Wanna take another fun dive? We make it appealing for repeat clients.

Night dives are very popular especially when conditions are right for experiencing – because it is an experience you will not soon forget – bioluminescence, and our knowledge of the marine world allows us take this kind of diving to a whole new level. 


There you have it!

Does this sound like the place for you? If so, give us a call or email today! Even if it’s just to inquire or ask some questions, we would love to hear you’re interested. Follow the link



Fun Diving: $85/person