• Denial 101

    Denial 101

    We are passionate about diving and the marine environment and firmly believe that those of us who practice this great sport of ours or earn a living from the ocean should be the ones to help divers better connect with the marine environment. In our un-wavering commitment to lead the way to a more sustainable and responsible dive industry while making diving more fun, we are constantly studying and applying new and innovative ways to achieve this.

    We are happy to announce that Ginette, our green watchdog and eco diver trainer, has just completed a certificate of achievement from the University of Queensland, Australia. ‘Making Sense of Climate Science Denial’ was an intense 7-week course in which she learned how science can be better communicated and covered subjects such as in-depth study of how the carbon cycle and greenhouse gases are affecting coral reefs, fishes, glaciers and even the air we breathe. Participants were from the four corners of the world many of whom are leading scientists in the fields of marine biology and oceanography.

    Why do we go to such lengths? The answer is our clients. With her new knowledge and deeper understanding of the marine environment, Ginette can make her dive briefings, eco courses and citizen scientist programs even more interesting. There is no better reward for us than to hear a diver express excitement of discovering and observing marine life at a whole new level.


    “In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught.”

    Baba Dioum, Senegalese environmentalist.


    Ginette holding certification