• 100% AWARE

    100% AWARE

    We are committed to leading a path to a more sustainable dive industry as such we are proud to announce that we have become the first and only dive shop in Panama to become a 100% AWARE partner. What does this mean for our clients?

    For every certification we do no matter the level, we donate $10 to Project AWARE and our students receive a special and very distinctive AWARE certification card. Clients also get to feel good knowing that by choosing an AWARE partner for their diving activities they are helping to protect and conserve the marine environment in which they practice this fabulous sport of ours. Project AWARE is a foundation of and for divers dedicated to helping protect sharks and rays as well as prevents marine debris.

    Should divers and dive shop owners be doing more about protecting the marine environment? If so, what would you like to see happen? Do you think choosing a more sustainable dive operation is important?